Welcome to St. James Anglican Parish

Kentville, N.S.  Diocese of NSPEI


The Rev'd Shirley Cole



Church Address

18 Prospect Avenue

Kentville, NS, B4N 4H7

Church 902-678-3123

Rectory Address

14 Highland Ave. 

Kentville, NS, B4N 2K8

Rectory 902-681-1663


          St James..... a people and a place of worship, caring, learning & fun!


     1. St. Peter holding key to the kingdom of heaven

     2.  St. James the great, apostle and martyr

     3.  St. John the evangelist

St. Peter is shown holding two keys, one golden and one silver, they are interpreted as signifying his power to bind and to loose.  Legends make St. Peter the keeper of the entrance to Paradise and give whimper to grant or refuse admission.  His writings are contained in two short books in the New Testament.  There are many legends about St. Peter, but he eventually arrived inRome where he was thrown in prison, where he converted the Centurions who guarded him and other prisoners.  St. Peter was crucified inRome.

St.James was the brother of John,  and was much with Jesus and present at most important events in his life such as the Transfiguration and the Agony of the Garden.  He is shown with the pilgrim's staff which he arrived with him, preaching first in Judaea then later in Spain.  He returned to Judaea and spent many years preaching until he was seized by Herod and executed with the sword.

St. John was the son of Zebedee and brother roof James the Great.  From the time of his calling, his life seems to be almost inseparable from that of Jesus.  He was the Transfiguration and was with him at the Last Supper.  He stood by the Cross and received the charge of Jesus concerning the Virgin Mary and he laid the body of the Saviour in the Tomb.  He traveled with Peter throughout Judaea preaching the gospel.  He went to Asia Minor loving chiefly in Ephesus, and founded the seven churches.  It was here that is is believed he wrote his gospel.


  • In Loving Memory of John Byrne, Wife and Family.

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